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Acting for the future

For CAPRICE, sustainability is a principle of action that guides us to meet the needs of the present generation without restricting the freedoms of future generations. 

For us, thinking sustainably therefore means considering what impact the things we do will have in the long run.

Jürgen Cölsch
Managing Director

#1 Ecological sustainability 

Preserving nature

Environmentally friendly leather

As a member of the Wortmann Group, CAPRICE is committed to supporting responsible leather manufacturing across the globe and we are proud member of the Leather Working Group/LWG.

We purchase 92% of our leather from the autumn/winter 2021 collection from LWG certified leather manufacturers, of which 65% are Gold Rated.



100% of our lining leathers will be chrome free from spring/summer 2022 onwards


We will start to introduce vegetable tanned leathers from autumn/winter 2022

Environmentally friendly material

Water based adhesives

We already use water based adhesives in the production of our shoes


Recycled sole material

Some of our soles are already made of recycled material. We plan to increase this share gradually

Conserving our resources


of our shoes produced each year are already made with green renewable solar energy


of the tanneries cooperating with us are equipped with wastewater treatment plants to ensure better and more efficient water use

Sea Freight

In order to keep our CO 2 consumption as low as possible, we prefer sea freight with optimal utilization of containers for the transport of our shoes and materials

Environmentally friendly packaging

100% plastic free packaging

From autumn/winter 2021, we will replace the plastic sticks in all pair boxes with cardboard sticks

Optimised packaging

From autumn/winter 2021, all our pair boxes will be folded with a special self assembly system. This will significantly reduce the use of chemical adhesives


Certified packaging

Starting from spring/summer 2022, all our pair boxes should be FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified

#2 Social sustainability 

Preserving social responsibility

For a respectful cooperation

Assuming social responsibility is one of the principles of the member companies of the Bundesverband der Schuh und Lederwarenindustrie e.V . (Federal Association of the Shoe and Leather Goods Industry). The association's Code of Conduct is an instrument whose use does justice to this responsibility. 

CAPRICE has signed up to this code of conduct and it contains, among other things the following values and principles:

● Occupational safety and health protection
● Right to freedom of expression
● Prohibition of child labour
● Prohibition of forced labour
● Respect for workers' rights
● Environmental protection


unserer Schuhe aus der Kollektion Herbst/Winter 2021 werden in Schuhfabriken produziert, die nach dem amfori BSCI-Verhaltenskodex auditiert und weiterentwickelt sind. Wir verbessern aktiv die sozialen Leistungen unserer Lieferkette mithilfe von amfori BSCI, dem weltweit führenden Unternehmensverband für freien und nachhaltigen Handel. 
(Stand Juni 2021)

Presence along the supply chain


Technicians and product managers from the company ´ s headquarter in the shoe city of Pirmasens are deployed worldwide to monitor the production process and compliance with our sustainability specifications along the supply chain. 
(Data status: 15.06.2021)

For a strong togetherness

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social sustainability and more togetherness are not only firmly anchored in CAPRICE's corporate culture, but are also actively practised 

We support charity projects, such as the construction of a health center in Pakistan or the promotion of social institutions (hospice, children's clinic, youth protection...). 

During the pandemic, CAPRICE produced protective masks worth over 300,000 euros and distributed them free of charge to hospitals, care facilities and trade partners.

#3 Economic sustainability

Efficient management and preservation of capital

For a safe future 

CAPRICE has been a trusted brand for over 30 years. We have succeeded in building a successful company with continuous growth. We are financially independent and have a strong capital base.